Sons of Confucius

Sheng Shen Tze Kung Fu Tze

Sons of Confucius Philosophical Club

Young as we are a great factor and agents of renewing ourselves, the other and the society. There is only one worthwhile purpose man can have in life. It is to be good and to be complete. It is always doing what is right. For Confucius, the good of the society depends on the development of the individual towards a higher and common good. Becoming a man is overcoming oneself. It is sacrificing our own egocentric desires for the good of the many. He is an intelligent person to distinguish what is right from what is wrong. A courageous man that signifies what is right overcoming fear amidst life’s adversities. For courage is the standard of all human acts. To be morally upright is becoming a full man. And we will strive for the best; a gentleman should be by setting ourselves as good examples, the Sons of Confucius.


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